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Tina Higgins is an iconic name in the Kimberley.  A Kimberley artist who has a love of nature, Tina lives and breathes the Kimberley outback.


Tina specialises in paintings of Kimberley landscapes and animals.  Her paintings showcase the spectacular and vibrant colours of the Kimberley landscape.


Tina also creates special healing art pieces that are inspiring and uplifting.  She has been commissioned to paint for alternate and traditional healing centres to enhance the healing process through colour and healing energies.


She uses the various mediums of oil, watercolour, acrylic and pastels.


Having studied natural therapies including color therapy, aura soma, herbal medicine, pranic healing, aromatherapy and music therapy, Tina applies aspects of these therapies in the process of creating her art. 


Tina has a varied background working in her family earthmoving business and for parstoral stations.  She has worked a varity of jobs in the outback.  Tina has travelled through many remote areas of northern Australia.


Tina’s passion for painting started as a child growing up in Queensland where she used the local timber for wood turning and carving and creating bark paintings.

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